• Today I attended the 8:15 class taught by Denise. I have taken barre classes at home in Michigan, in Los Angeles and in other studios in Florida. Denise's classes are the most varied, interesting and challenging that I have experienced. Today we had a barre class that covered the warm up, stretch, the various other strengthening moves but truly covered a series of barre moves better than any class that I have been in. While I would hate to have her classes so crowded that I would have difficulty getting in to them, I know that others, like myself,  should know that she is doing a much more interesting, challenging class then some of her colleagues have offered.  -Eileen H.


  • I loved the Tabata class and also felt great after Barre Burn!  You have a wonderful studio. I have enjoyed each type of class and each instructor. Clearly, your soul is present in each aspect of Barre Fitness. It is an important component to my overall well-being and I look forward to each session. -Lucia G.


  • Booty Barre was an awesome class! I loved the fast pace and different leg work. I really appreciate how you and your instructors are always switching up routines and keeping our bodies guessing. You have a fantastic studio and I'm so happy to have been introduced to Barre Fitness. Between Barre Fitness and my wonderful Yoga instructor, I am no longer putting my body through the torture of the bootcamps I used to do that ended up doing more harm than good. Also, like I said earlier this week barre fitness has blessed me with a tighter ....you know "booty"!  Thanks again for being so awesome!   -Lindsey K.


  • I really, really enjoyed the Tabata class, in addition to my Barre classes, and I'm looking forward to the next session.  Thanks for all of the great work that you do -- I always, always look forward to heading to Barre Fitness and you should be very proud of what you have created!   -Danna H.


  • I love BarreFitness and love what it does for my body. It’s the only exercise in a short time that has really impacted my stomach after my pregnancy/C section, in addition to toning my legs, glutes and arms! I have taken other barre classes and nothing has measured up to BarreFitness classes. Denise is so knowledgeable on anatomy and fitness. She gives personalized assistance to EVERYONE and frequently makes comments during class assisting you to improve your form and achieve your best results. Her words of encouragement give you that burst of confidence during your work out that lets you know she wants you to succeed. That is what sets her apart from the rest…. It’s like having a personal trainer in a group fitness class! I highly recommend it to everyone.    -A.B.


  • I heard about Barre Fitness when a friend in Dallas, Texas suggested that I look into fitness programs that include BARRE techniques.  During a running event I suffered an injury that led me with a complete and a partial tear in two of the ligaments on my left ankle.   I declined surgery but completed 3 months of physical rehab as suggested by my MD.   My ankle was still very weak and that kept me from resuming running or any  type of high-impact training.  I was also very frustrated that as a result of this injury my balance was now worst than ever and I was putting up pounds too quickly.   After a google search, I ended up with BARRE FITNESS TAMPA website and I got a chance to speak with Denise.   As a former gymnast and collegiate soccer athlete, Denise was not a stranger to athletes’ injuries and she quickly understood my situation.  She explained to me that BARRE FITNESS was the perfect method to continue to build muscle strength around my ankle, as well as my core and whole body strength which in turn would improve my balance.  She suggested that I try the BARRE BOOT CAMP that she offered as she knew that it will be most effective way to add some low impact aerobic exercise which I needed to shed my extra LBS.  After one lesson I was HOOKED!  I have been attending BARRE FITNESS BOOT CAMP twice a week for the past 5 months.   My ankle strength, balance, and even my flexibility and posture, ALL have  improved so much  that I forget  that there are torn ligaments in my one foot.    The classes are low impact but I still get a great aerobic exercise that did help me lose at least 6 pounds.    The biggest impact is on my confidence, because I can “SEE” my body changing right before my eyes as I get leaner BUT stronger at the same time.  Denise is a great instructor, very professional, and truly knowledgeable about BARRE exercise.  I would recommend BARRE FITNESS to anyone, but specially to any athlete who  is recovering from an injury and is looking into a low impact exercises to help improve  their strength, balance, flexibility.  It really works!   -Lyanne I.